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Services for Individuals

The most requested services are shown below. Please contact 2Thrive4 for more

  •    Effective career navigation
  •    Resume redesign
  •    Negotiations (offers, promotions, salary)
  •    Client defined goals
  •    Building and maintaining professional relationships
  •    Strategies for developing a diverse professional network
  •    Strengthening and effectively communicating confidence
  •    Techniques to initiate and or effect change

  • New! Health Care Navigation for the aging, people with disabilities, and those needing assistance with the development of a thoughtful, informed plan of care and choices.

2Thrive4 provides coaching services to aspiring professionals, mid-level managers, executives, and entrepreneurs. The individual may be at varying levels of their professional development.

Coaching services are generally provided over the telephone, with clients from all over the world, usually through a number of agreed upon sessions at designated intervals.

Email:thriving@2thrive4.com     Text to or telephone: 512-773-5346

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