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You have a vision for your company's success.

Picking the right strategy consulting firm can be challenging. You want a firm that has experience, knowledge, and, of course, innovative ideas.   2Thrive4 has the background and knowledge to help your organization or business thrive and succeed.

                          Interim/transitional executive management
Serve as the virtual or on-site interim executive manager or officer until a candidate selection has been made for the organization. This allows ample time to select the right candidate while the organization is being managed effectively.

Organizational Performance Management
Dashboard development

Objective, real-time listening, and navigation to guide a group through a discussion or a process.  Enable a group to get "unstuck" and move toward closure with clearly defined next steps and specific accountability.

Mentor Program Development - What have you done for your key talent lately?
  • Identify strategies which continually engage and encourage key talent within the organization .
  • Recommend strategies and identify opportunities to retain key employees by enhancing their professional growth and development

 Board Development and Training

  • New!  Board leadership coaching, development, and training
  • New!  Board Parliamentary Procedure training and how to run an effective meeting
  • Board retreat planning and facilitation
  • Assessment of committee structure and board membership to determine balance and diversity
  • Strategies to manage funding challenges
  • Guidance for strategic alliance considerations

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